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The time is now...

users around the globe
users and 13k+ channels in Kazakhstan
users and 150k+ thousand channels in Uzbekistan
of users read 8-15 channels on a regular basis
of users have not even encountered advertising, including integrations
🔥 Telegram is the champion in terms of interface simplicity. And if you need advice, our experts will always help

Ads that can't be missed

100% visible

A text block with a link to your channel or website is placed after the last post in selected channels

20x higher ER

compared to traditional platforms. Native format is perceived the same way as content

$ 1 - 4 average CPM

depending on your industry

Conditions of work with us

With AdHand you can launch ads on any location. We support 2 types of advertising in Telegram - focused on international audience and on Russian-speaking audience. A different type of account is suitable for each of these purposes:
Account type
Telegram Ads (TON)
Telegram Ads (EUR)
Сreatives language
Payment currency
When topping up AdHand balance
Ad account currency
Users located all over the world except Russia, Ukraine, Palestine and Israel
Run ads in any language that Telegram supports
Payment in dollars
We convert USD → TON when transferring money from AdHand balance to an ad account
Russian-speaking users located all over the world, including Russia
Advertising creatives in Russian and Uzbek only
Payment in euros
TG Ads account minimum top-up amount
20 TON + AdHand commission
1500 euros + AdHand commission
AdHand Commission
Targeting capabilities
What you can promote
20% to 30% ( depending on industry)
Targeting the audience of specific channels - We will help you!
Targeting by topic, by GEO within Russia and Uzbekistan or by specific Russian/Uzbek channels around the world
Telegram channel, bot or website
Telegram channel or bot

Solving any marketing goal by the power of words

Brand awareness

Select channels in any language to target your audience, allocate funds between them and pay per 1000 impressions

Hitting the target

Choose larger channels for the greatest reach, or select more niche channels to attract an audience highly interested in your topic

Meaningful presence

Own a channel? Note that organic posts reach only 15-30% of subscribers, but advertising ensures reaching everyone, even on competitor channels


Get new subscribers and clients, interact with them across various channels and increase face-to-face sales of your products

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AdHand will help you get started quickly

We'll help you with channel selection and advise you on where to start

We'll tell you what creatives to use to pass moderation on the first try

We'll share benchmarks on your topic, and which CPMs are the best for you

We'll be in touch if you need any other help