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First-mover advantages

Fewer advertisers

→ lower costs per visitor and customer

Unusual advertising formats

→ more attention to your offer

Wide selection of channels

→ access to a new audience for your brand

We've got you covered

Safe experiment under the guidance of AdHand experts 

We'll tell you about the features of platforms and suggest effective creatives
You can set up a campaign in a few clicks, and pay for it by card or invoice

Meta: a reliable basis for an advertising campaign

Purchase Instagram and Facebook on favorable terms and launch campaigns in AdHand cabinets with expert support
Commission - 10%
Opportunity not to pay VAT
Advertising accounts in USD

Safety comes first

Proven offices and counseling for creatives and help with unfair blocking

Experts at your service

Certified specialists will give advice on setting up campaigns and new solutions from Meta, as well as promptly help if any difficulties arise

Helper services

Helper services for targeting and additional protection against blocking


TikTok: video ads
for a minimal budget

TikTok is a platform for those seeking broad reach and new customers. Flexible tools give you the freedom you need at a fairly low (for now!) price
Minimum payment – $250
No commission
Advertising accounts in USD

Exclusive settings

Only with AdHand you can run ads on GEO of certain countries (for example, Kazakhstan)

Expert support

Our team of experts will answer all questions, help with the launch and solve any TikTok-related issues

Easy Launch and Management

With AdHand, you can set up a campaign in a few clicks and pay for it by card or invoice

2-3 times cheaper
The cost per lead on TikTok is lower than on other platforms

Efficient, transparent, and cost-effective

Get the most out of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok campaigns

Pay for advertising and use services to boost performance in one tab
Advertising accounts in USD
Payment by any card, except cards of Russian banks
Minimum payment - $30
Recommended - $250

Efficient, transparent, and cost-effective

Get your best from Facebook & Instagram Ads

Pay for advertising and use services to boost performance in one tab
Advertising accounts in USD
Payment by any card, except cards of Russian banks
Minimum payment - $30
Recommended - $250
Service fee for Facebook and Instagram – 10%


Launch compliant ads and avoid banning

Bans are 70% less likely with AdHand
We'll check your ads before you run them
We'll tell you how to fix the ads for fast unlocking
Real-time advice in English
We'll explain in simple words Meta's policies for the advertiser

Telegram: new formats that cannot go unnoticed

Drive more traffic to your channel or website and interact with your customers directly
Commission: 20% - 30%
First minimal payment  –  from € 1,500.
Next top-ups  –  from € 150
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🚀 Paid advertising on Telegram is a relatively new feature, but it already demonstrates substantial benefits over sponsored native ads due to its setup flexibility and control

AdHand simplifies the process

Pay for Telegram as easy as for other platforms
Expert help with advertising account and campaign set up
Early access to ad display capabilities in Kazakh, Uzbek and other languages
🔥  Special offer
Minimal first payment - from $ 250
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6 years of experience in 5+ markets
3000+ clients worldwide
50+ agency partners
15 certified specialists

We work with


that reap financial benefits and appreciate a second opinion on client campaigns from our experts 

Direct advertisers

who find it convenient to pay for ads and receive valuable advice from our experts


who value being able to manage all campaigns in one place

Clients about us

Advertising agency
Currently, our team is actively utilizing Telegram Ads as a promotional platform. It gives us the opportunity to show ads specifically in selected channels, including even the Telegram channels of our competitors. The AdHand team is deeply involved in aiding us with ad placement on the platform and effectively navigating the ad moderation process.
Wunder Digital
Real estate
Checking campaigns through the AdHand platform allowed us to learn about errors in ads before launch and made it possible to launch ads more efficiently. We get fast and reliable support from AdHand account managers. Their friendliness and willingness to help resolve any ad issues makes working with AdHand a pleasant and productive experience.
Andrey Chelnokov
Targeted advertising specialist in Homis Company
After we'd launched the campaign, the audience interest increased: more calls and Direct messages from moms and dads started coming in. We were pleasantly surprised that even a test budget of about $100 was enough to attract 12 potential students. Previously, for the same money we received only 5-6 applications, but now we're getting twice as many requests, and CPL became 50% less.
Anar Kuspekova
Director of the "Miracle Montessori" Center
We appreciate that it is possible to create a large number of unlimited spend advertising accounts in AdHand. Also, there are different payment methods and low commissions. We are happy to cooperate with them and confidently recommend their AdTech solutions.
Eduard Gvichiani
Head of paid social in Icontext
Working with ads through AdHand is easy and effective. The AdHand team assists in placing ads through the platform and constantly offers new solutions that make us more effective in reaching new customers. We appreciate their innovative approach.
Setanta Sports
The main advantage of paying for advertising in TikTok via AdHand is the ability to create an unlimited number of trusted advertising accounts. This is important because we work with different clients and projects. Moreover, there are different payment methods available in AdHand. And the best thing: advertising in TikTok through AdHand is commission-free! This is a really favorable offer in the market of Kazakhstan.
Yerkyn Kopbayev
Co-founder of full cycle marketing agency ICON

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