Affiliate program

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Join an affiliate program and get additional benefits, support and expert advice


AdHand partners receive:

Free advanced targeting, analytics and anti-banning tools
Increased cashback to your personal account
Profitable advertising fees on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok
Additional promotion opportunities through AdHand
Personalized support and training from certified experts
Free analytics tool for your advertising
Profitable payment for advertising in TikTok
Additional promotional opportunities through AdHand
Personalized support and training from certified experts

A platform for everyone

Who can become a partner?

Advertising agencies
Legal entities or individuals
Targeting and marketing teams

Terms and bonuses for participants

Minimum number of connected clients
Minimum monthly customer turnover
$ 5000
Fast and convenient payment for advertising
Free AdHand tools
Expert support and training
Advice on the launch of advertising in new industries
Advertising analysis and recommendations to improve results every 3 months
Early access to new platform and site features
Joint webinars, case studies and articles
Mention on the main page of AdHand among official partners and an affiliate badge for your site

Is something missing?

Offer your terms. We will complete the list of benefits for partners.


Why it's profitable

Support and training unavailable to others
AdHand partner status is a sign of quality on the digital advertising market

More details

How to get partner status?

connected clients
minimum monthly turnover
Additional conditions of Gold status
Interview with a certified manager
At least 3 clients from different industries
A targeting specialist on your team
Successful launch of a client ad that can be shared on the AdHand blog
connected clients
minimum monthly turnover


Connect to an affiliate program

Log in to your account on the platform

Step 1

Write to the support chat "I want to join the Affiliate Program"

Step 2

A manager will contact you to connect

Step 3

Fill out the form below

Step 1

A manager will contact you and answer questions about the program

Step 2

Register on the platform

Step 3

Connect client accounts and run ads

Step 4

In a month after connecting you will get cashback and other bonuses

Step 5

We are often asked


Can I get Gold status later?

Yes, you will get Gold status in the new calendar month if you meet all the conditions

Is there a limit to the number of clients you can connect?

You can connect an unlimited number of clients, but not less than 2

What should I do if my advertising turnover changes every month?

If you have Gold status, but your turnover is less than $5000 for three consecutive months, you will get Silver status again

I want to become an AdHand partner 👋

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